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Exploit hogs’ highly social behavior to draw them in close with this call that imitates a range of wild hog sounds.

- Specifically designed for hunting wild hogs and javelina
- Realistically imitates the contented grunts of feeding hogs
- Also able to reproduce the distress cries of young javelina
- Exploits hogs’ social behavior to draw in boars and herds of sows with their young

Bring boars, sows and piglets running with the realistic vocalizations of Knight & Hale’s Wild Hog Call. Able to replicate the contented grunts hogs make when feeding as well as the distress cries of young javelina, this versatile call will draw in old boars on the prowl for females, boars looking to defend their territory, and herds of sows with their young, responding to their natural parental instincts.

Made in USA
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